The Shee Big Band at The MG Alba Scots Trad Awards 2017!

Hi everyone!

After a short hiatus, we were excited to be re-united this weekend to perform at the MG Alba Scots Trad Awards. Not only was it the first time all sox of us have played together for a while, but we were also joined by Lori Watson, Mairearad Green, Jenn Butterworth, Heather Downie and Signy Jakobsdottir – the first outing of our new big band! It was a great honour to get to open the show, and we all had such a good night. Thanks to Hands Up for Trad for inviting us to play, and to Louis Decarlo for the wonderful photos.

You can watch the show on the iPlayer here

That’s us for 2017 now. We hope you have a fantastic festive season, and we’ll be back with more news in 2018.


by Louis Decarlo


by Louis Decarlo

by Ewan Duncan

The Shee xx